Third String


The third string is a paramilitary group that does contract jobs for those willing to pay. Formed shortly before the destruction of the first death star, membership included ex-stormtroopers, bounty hunters, and others with various forms of military background. The group was formed and ran by a human name John ‘Sly’ Spartan.

One of the first missions the group undertook was to infiltrate a hutt’s rival’s illustrious party. Using the cover of a band to gain entrance, the group called themselves the The Third String. Upon successful completion of the mission, the nomenclature was adopted.

While many in the group began to take a negative view of what the empire was actually doing to the galaxy, the Third String continued to take jobs from them when offered. After a particularly brutal mission that ended with the death of many String members due to the early orbital bombardment from imperial cruisers, the surviving members lives changes. The empire blaming the death of the civilians on the Third String labeled them as traitors and put a bounty on them.

Hunted by the ISB, the group has slowly begun adding numbers to their ranks again. As they fight to clear their name, they have begun to exclusively take jobs anti-empire.

Third String

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