Character Creation

Obligation/Duty and Morality

Every player begins with either 10 points of obligation or duty. Force users will also have morality

Obligation represents the struggle and sacrifices the player had to endure to get to where they are now.

Additional Bonus Cost
+5 starting XP +5 obligation
+10 XP +10 obligation
+1000 credits +5 obligation
+2500 credits +10 obligation

Duty represents the commitment the player have to the rebel alliance. It not only defines the conflicts they face and the challenges they must overcome, but the support they receive to face those challenges. When a member of the rebel alliance proves themselves trustworthy, the alliance makes every effort to equip them.
When the party’s combined Duty exceeds 100, it starts over and the players are rewarded with their choice of the following (Rarity can not be greater than 3 + the party’s contribution rank):

  • Equipment
  • Vehicle
  • Strategic Asset

In addition to the initial 10 points, every player may take up to an additional 10 points of obligation or duty for additional experience or credits.

Additional Bonus Cost
+5 starting XP -5 Duty
+10 XP -10 Duty
+1000 credits -5 Duty
+2500 credits -10 Duty


A player’s species sets the starting experience and characteristics of their character.


The player’s main focus in life. The chosen career sets a players career skills as well as gives free points and cheaper access to certain specialization trees.


A broad range of talents that the player is capable of doing.



The max value for any starting attribute is 5, and you can not raise attributes directly with experience after creation. I would recommend putting the majority of your starting points into characteristics.



The max value for any starting skill is 2. These can be raised as normal later through experience.

The Force

Requires at least a force rating of 1 to have access to the powers. Force rating is obtained through certain careers and universal specializations.

The force has a dark and light side. Player characters that begin to use force powers will also need to track their morality.

Party Votes

Character Creation

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