A player chooses one career for his character; story-wise this determines their way of life and destiny. While the character can always branch out into other specialties, at their core, they will always follow that career. Han Solo became a great general and leader, but in one true love was smuggling.

Career Skills: The player automatically gains one rank in four of these skills without spending experience at character creation. When spending experience, career skills cost 5 times the rank the skill is being trained to:

Non-Career Skills: A player may purchase any non-career skill, but pays 5 experience more

Initial Rank Final Rank Type Cost
2 3 Career 15
2 4 Career 35
2 3 Non-Career 20
2 4 Non-Career 45

Specializations: A player may choose one of his career specializations for free at creation. Purchasing an additional career specialization costs 10 times the total number of specs they would posses (including the new one). Purchasing non-career specs costs the same amount plus 10 experience. Universal specializations always count as career

Initial # of Specs Final # of Specs Type Cost
1 2 Career 20
2 3 Career 30
1 2 Non-Career 30
3 4 Universal 40

The complete list of careers


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