In a Galaxy far, far away

The rebellion has grown in strength and numbers, and unbeknownst to most, a Jedi has emerged that will finally bring balance to the Force. After killing many Bothans, the Empire has begun the final stages of their plan to crush the rebellion once and for all over the moons of Endor.

As part of a stand-alone paramilitary unit, our party is not part of the official rebellion. However, the group has taken many jobs from the insurgents that has placed them squarely in the empire’s sights.

The Jedi of Old are gone. What has emerged from the ashes of the jedi order is a new form of jedi finding a path through the force to their destiny. Even as Luke Skywalker dreams of rebuilding what was lost, many new jedi will emerge with their own variations of the Force.

Scum and Villiany

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